Our Neurological Rehabilitation Will Help You Manage Pain, Improve Mobility, and Recover Faster from a Stroke or Other Neurological Injury

When people suffer a traumatic neurological event or are diagnosed with a neurological disease they don’t often think of physical therapy as being part of their recovery. At Stargate we specialize in neurological physical therapy, and have extensive experience working with patients who are suffering from these diseases or disorders. With our expertise we can help you avoid pain, improve mobility, and recover faster from a stroke or paralysis.

Neurological Diseases and Conditions We Can Help You Recover From

  • Stroke
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Parkinson’s
  • Other neurological disorders
  • Learn to Live Independently Again with Neurological Rehabilitation

    After suffering a neurological injury it’s extremely important to engage in regular physical therapy treatment. Not doing so can lead to a loss of many different functions, the ability to perform certain tasks, and even the complete loss of your independence. Because the brain is so complex a number of different complications or issues can arise once it’s been injured. This includes memory loss, trouble moving or speaking, problems swallowing or breathing, and issues with learning. At Stargate our physical therapists specialize in neurological rehabilitation, helping patients regain most of if not all of the functional ability they’ve lost as a result of the injury, allowing them to once again live independently. Our therapists utilize the newest evidence-based treatments and technologies in order to help patients significantly improve their quality of life.