Recovering During the Winter Holidays

Many consider the winter holiday season to be the best time of the entire year. With all the festivities and cheer going around, there’s just so many things to do and so many people to see. Therefore, we here at Stargate Physio can sympathize with those who are recovering over the winter months, especially if it means they aren’t able to enjoy the holidays like they otherwise would be able to. That being said, here’s what you can do to make the most of the holidays while still staying on the road to a speedy recovery.

Loved Ones

Friends and family are a huge component of the holiday season. If you’re loved one can’t make it to the annual gathering, try to bring the gathering to them! Take the time to visit those who perhaps aren’t able to visit you, and spend extra time with them. Your time is precious to lots of recovering family members who may otherwise be feeling alone, and the holiday season is the worst time to be feeling lonely. Find a way to plan a visit into your busy holiday schedule. Make it a big deal and put some thought into your visit, and your loved ones will appreciate it all the more.

Keep Busy

Recovering patients can often feel rather down and left out of the festivities. A good way to combat this is to keep busy! Pick up a new hobby or make some progress on an old one. If you’re stuck in place, talk to those around you and see what they’re getting up to this holiday season. Plan some smaller events that can be enjoyed by others, like a secret santa or an evening get together. If you’re really feeling down, there are always resources available to you and people to talk to. Don’t let your recovery dictate the terms of your holiday!

Rest Well

The holidays make a great time to also refocus on your recovery efforts. Speak to your physiotherapist about how the recovery is going, and what strategies are being taken to ensure a speedy and full return to normal. Make sure you get plenty of rest and exercise to keep your mind focused on your goal. Use the holidays to strengthen your resolve and motivate you to keep on striving towards recovery.

Don’t let anything stop you from enjoying the winter holiday season. Afterall, it only comes around once a year. Connect with loved ones and get lots of rest, and with a bit of hard work you’ll be able to enjoy the holidays as you’ve always had. Stargate Physio is more than happy to talk about recovering during the winter holiday season. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns, or call us at 403-452-2721.

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