Lifestyle Changes for Sustainable Health

Your health is the most important aspect of your life, governing and affecting all other areas. It is what you carry over day to day, and will always remain with you. As such, it is of utmost important to take care of your health and value it above all else. Change starts with you at this very moment!


The benefits of exercise are well studied and are constantly being drilled into us. Surveys from Statistics Canada show that regular physical activity can lower the risk of developing chronic conditions leading to a premature death by as much as 50%. However, the majority of Canadians still do not get enough exercise. Another survey found that an average Canadian adult (aged 18 to 79) spent just over 4 hours a day being active, though the majority of that time the activity was classified as “light.” 4 hours may sound like a lot, but that’s 12 hours of sedentary time every day, assuming 8 hours are spent sleeping each night. Exercise doesn’t need to come in the form of a visit to the gym or fitness centre, and getting enough doesn’t mean you need to spend 4 hours running. A short burst of moderate physical activity added on top of the regular “light” activities will go a long way.


The research on what is considered a “healthy” diet is ever changing and always being debated. However, it is generally agreed upon that foods high in complex carbohydrates and vitamins are essential for a healthier lifestyle. Where do we find such foods? Listen now to your mother’s voice, echoing in your head, telling you to eat your fruits and veggies! Statistics Canada shows that fruit and vegetable consumption has decreased in recent years, and only around 50% of Canadians consume fruits and vegetables five or more times a day!  Here in Alberta, the average sits even lower, at around 40%. Fruits and vegetables are an easy way to get the vitamins and nutrients we require, and should not be neglected in a healthy diet.

Be Proactive!

No one else but you is going to tell you how to be healthy. Don’t let excuses pull you down. There is no better time than the present to act. Stargate Physio is more than happy to discuss your health with you and make plans for the future. Call us today at (403)452-2721!

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