In Home Physio

Long term care is a tricky business. Not only do you have to consider what tomorrow’s plan is, but you need to constantly be looking into the future. This becomes even more relevant when you aren’t too sure how long a recovery period is going to last. Add in the emotional and mental strain that comes with an injury, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. For those looking for an alternative, in home physiotherapy options are available to you!

Who Would Benefit Most?

The main appeal of in home physio is that it allows one to get all the benefits of physiotherapy from the comfort of their own home. For example, those who are movement impaired or would have difficulty getting to the workplace would be the most eligible. Seniors tend to prefer in home therapy, where they are more comfortable with their surroundings and have a better grasp of where things are.

Why Choose In Home Physio?

In home physio saves the client travel time as a healthcare professional would be going to them rather than the other way around. Furthermore, it avoids to struggle of having to bring therapist and patient together, which is especially valuable if it helps the patient avoid unnecessary pain and stress. Often, symptoms like pain and general discomfort are better treated in the patient’s own home where they are most comfortable to begin with. This allows the patient to get back on their feet faster and the duration of treatment to potentially be decreased. Obviously, the type and severity of  the injury are the major determining factors for the length of treatment, but in home physio is also able to help.

What’s Different with In Home Physio?

The in home physio treatment will be of the same general form and quality offered at the clinic. One large difference can be insurance claims. Many companies have different policies regarding in home therapy options, so it’s a good idea to check with your specific company to see what their policies are. For some injuries, the better option may be to go into a clinic, where the full array of technology and equipment are available. However, more and more options are becoming available for in home use. Ensure that you discuss with your physiotherapist what the best choice for you is.

Stargate Physio is proud to offer in home physiotherapy for those who prefer or require it. Call us today at (403)452-2721 to see what options await you!

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