Avoiding Injuries at the Workplace

Workplace injuries are plagued by losses to both employer and employee, medical expenses, and potentially even legal troubles. The best way to avoid all that is the prevent an injury from happening in the first place.

Proper Preparation

A safe workplace, quite literally, starts with a strong foundation. Never head to work without the proper protective equipment, and don’t slack off when it comes to safety! Check with your supervisor or manager about what kinds of personal protective equipment is available. Scout out dangers during your first few days on the job and keep a lookout for dangerous behaviors and hazards. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first or last day at a workplace; the same attention to safety should be observed!

Be Knowledgeable

Workplaces that involve dangerous work are required to have proper training and mentoring tools in place in order to ensure that all employees know what to do in various scenarios. Review the resources available at your workplace to familiarize yourself with them, and ask questions to clarify anything you still aren’t sure about. If you’re just starting out at a new place, pay close attention during your training days and don’t brush off safety precautions. If you find that the training does a poor job of emphasizing potential dangers, let someone know so something can be done about it.

Use Common Sense!

Humans come equipped with five senses and survival instincts. Make use of these! All safety rules and precautions are in place for a reason. Ask yourself why a specific rule is in place, and follow a logical thought process. This can help you identify the root causes of dangers and make you better aware of them. Remember, if you aren’t comfortable with where you are or with doing a certain task, don’t do it! There is no shame in asking for help or assistance, and it’ll be safer for everyone. Better to learn more and ensure you have the knowledge necessary to carry out a dangerous task safely then fumble through it and risk is health of both yourself and those around you.

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