Avoiding Injuries from Ice

The best way of treating injuries is to prevent them from happening in the first place! With the ice and snow setting in, the chance of a fall causing a serious injury is drastically increased. A lot of people don’t realize the dangers, and many falls can often be prevented by keeping a wary eye on one’s surroundings. Here’s some tips to help keep you steady on your feet this winter.

Invest in Better Traction

Maximizing contact surface is critical when it comes to minimizing fall risks. Avoid footwear that has flat or nearly flat bottoms, as they won’t be able to provide you with the friction that you need. Look for shoes and boots that have rough bottoms with lots of grooves and valleys when shopping for winter footwear. Don’t automatically assume that a pair of warm boots will get the job done! Not all boots have grooved bottoms. If you’re really attached to a favourite pair of shoes, you can add more traction by purchasing a wire mesh and strapping it onto the bottom. This option comes with the added benefit of being able to remove the extra traction during the summer months when it isn’t needed.

Look Where you Walk

Sometimes the best advice is also the most obvious. It’s easy to get lost in conversation with someone and stop looking at the road in front of you. The likelihood of misstepping and tripping is that much higher during the icy season, and your level of caution should increase proportionately. Stick to paths that feature more packed snow, as they’ll have less icy patches. Avoid going for walks following a warm day, as the temperature change encourages snow to melt and then freeze again, turning it onto solid ice.

Don’t Take Unnecessary Chances

Safety should be a top priority! The bow river pathway can be a beautiful place to take a stroll on a clear winter day, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the best idea. Use common sense and logic before heading out the doors. If you have an older family member on your house, encourage someone else to go on their daily walk with them. Make sure you’ve alerted someone as to wherever it is you’re going, just in case something happens.

The best kind of injuries are the ones that don’t happen. Stay alert and be aware of your surroundings this winter and you’ll be able to stay on your feet no problem. Take the necessary care and respect the weather for what it is. Last but certainly not least, come prepared with proper footwear and a clear head. If something unfortunate does occur, Stargate Physio is happy to discuss the consequences of a fall related injury. Give us a call at 403-452-2721 today!

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