Avoiding Ankle Sprains

Notice pain in your foot recently? Did you perhaps turn your foot a little harder than intended? You’ve likely sprained your ankle. Though most of us have probably had one at one point or another, what exactly is causing that pain?

What is an Ankle Sprain?

Ankle sprains occur frequently, and are a common kind of injury. The joint is placed under a great deal of stress when it is forced to turn or twist violently. If it turns a bit more than it should, the ligament can tear, causing an ankle sprain.

How can I Avoid Ankle Sprains?

Sprains most often occur during exercise or any sort of strenuous activity. Therefore, it is important that you stretch both before and after you do any vigorous physical activity. This will help prepare your muscles and joints for the work about to be done, and also help them return to a resting state once your workout is over. During the activity, pay attention to where your ankle is and how much stress is being put on it. Stay conscious about it and you’ll likely be able to catch yourself before you overexert. If you often rely on precise ankle movements, you may want to consider using tape or some sort of bracing to give your joint some much needed extra support. This is commonly used by professional athletes, and can be found at your local sports equipment store. Finally, if you’re looking to strengthen the joint, you can think about doing some simple ankle exercises and stretches. Speak to your physiotherapist or doctor to learn about what kinds of stretches and exercises work the best. Don’t try to attempt any difficult stretch on your own, as the last thing you want to do is sprain your ankle doing the very activity meant to prevent that from happening!

Treating Your Sprain

Ankle sprains usually heal on their own after a while. To help ease the pain and speed up the process, apply ice to the swollen area, or wherever the pain is. Keep your foot elevated and press the ice pack down tightly. Again, make sure you speak to a healthcare professional if your symptoms worsen.

Ankle sprains are common and not usually a big deal, though they can be annoying and painful. Taking the proper precautions before attempting any strenuous physical activity is the best way to prevent them from happening. Stargate Physio is always happy to address any further questions or concerns you may have. Feel free to reach us at 403-452-2721 anytime!

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